Nemo 1, Sandy 0

Hewitt and I have had quite the newlywed year so far when it comes to extreme weather. I’m sure you’ll remember Sandy, that devastated much of our city and the surrounding communities. We’re still working as a community to come back from that, entirely, so it should be a no brainer that we all preferred our “blizzard” and keeping our power, to Sandy.

After walking home in a heavy and blustery snow storm – that I tried and failed to capture with my iPhone camera because my umbrella almost blew away – we woke up on Saturday to the most snow we have had in New York so far! Feeling quintessential, we bundled up and headed to Central Park – hoping to catch a glimpse of the city with areas of untouched snow.

Luckily, we were on foot – because if we had a car here, it would be a stuck as these.


Central Park was filled with kids and parents and older couples taking advantage of the hills and the fact that the park was “open for cross country skiing.” Growing up in the south, cross country skiing really isn’t something we get to do frequently, much less locally, so maybe someday, I’ll get to cross country ski through Central Park too – because that has to be cooler than cross country skiing anywhere else in the US. (Right?)

All of the kids and their families sledding reminded me of great snow storm memories I have from growing up – I felt compelled to make pancakes for friends or snow cream for anyone who hasn’t had it before. I wanted to find a stray Christmas tree and some open space, (finagle a permit) and have a neighborhood sledding party because there are some streets that slope in the City, and I’m sure our neighbors would love a good party. Instead, we made homemade pizza with friends and wore wool socks and cozy sweaters, but I couldn’t help be refreshed by the snow that blanketed our city and much of the Northeast. It’s impossible not to surrender to wonder when you wake up in the morning and everything that looked one way before has been completely transformed by the all encompassing, non-discriminating snow. It’s quite perfect, really.

We lucked out and the random passerby in Central Park who snapped our photo / saved us from a selfie got a great picture for us –


And I couldn’t resist this sign – even though Hewitt refused to make heart shapes or play Patty Cakes with our hands in the frame. (Just kidding – I didn’t want to do that either.)


Here’s The Boathouse whose windows promise an awesome view from the other side, too.


And some other shots of Central Park, where we keep most of our trees in the City.

DSC02265 DSC02264DSC02262Overall, I would say it was a most successful first New York snow for us. It even gave us a bit of an excuse to make a dent in Season One of Homeland… so as I said, it has been a success. 

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