January so cold…

The Hudson has partially frozen over – twice!

The Hudson Frozen

Ephemeral New York is a blog I follow that sheds light on the history of this great city through things both forgotten… or simply overlooked. The post titled “Winters so cold, the East River froze over” inspired me to share my photograph of the Hudson that has frozen and melted and frozen again – all in the month of January.

No, I don’t think we could skate or walk on it – but it is pretty nuts.

And really, very cold.

Glorious Azaleas

Last weekend when we went to NC for a wedding, I was practically stopped in my tracks by a plant I used to take for granted… the azalea bush!

Sure, I saw them on TV during the Masters, but only when I saw them in person did I realize – we definitely don’t have azalea bushes in New York. Not in the village. Not in Central Park (that I have seen)… in general, we don’t have them.

I love the seasonal potted plants and all, and we have some amazing flower shops that I love to look in on, but this azalea…


Happy Valentine’s Day, Windows

The Christmas windows in New York are an item to see on most people’s lists in December, but I thought the festive Valentine’s windows in our neighborhood deserved a little love, too.


This one  is my favorite – I love the simplicity of the neon heart. (I also love their bags.)

DSC02272 DSC02267


So Happy Valentine’s Day, to you and yours from our little decorated part of the world.