Long Weekend Company & Recap

My sister and brother-in-law visited this past weekend, and I think we did a prettay good job showing them the city condensed into about three days – which is actually quite difficult.

We kicked off Saturday morning with the most involved brunch I have ever made – thanks to Smitten Kitchen, I tried some new recipes: spinach strata, cinnamon chocolate chip bread and made one up –  citrus fruit salad, accompanied by some lovely hickory smoked bacon fried by Hewitt and fresh OJ for mimosas courtesy of Fresh Direct. More on the recipes and deliciousness later- but I’m definitely planning to make them all again. For sure.

(Photo doesn’t do the table justice.)


For my sister’s birthday, we gave her tickets to see the NYC Ballet perform Sleeping Beauty – and it was perfect. Truly, the sets, the feet, the costumes… it all reminds you of the importance in slowing things down and taking it in. Cathleen and I were kids again watching the girls in tutus we wanted to be, and although we never were, it’s a memory and a dream we get to keep and an appreciation for been a part of it.

(Yep, that’s Prabal Gurung for Target – great color / print / fabric.)


We snapped a few pics when the boys met us at Lincoln Center, post-ballet –


We were both taken by the Rigaletto banner at the Met (although we were unaware of the kiddo taking on the fountain behind us) –


Sunday was freeeezing, so we sought warmth and caffeine and jewelry at Chelsea Market, and I spotted this gem painted on the brick.


Who doesn’t love an Oreo? :)

We didn’t last long on the High Line – the wind was insane, but we managed a quick picture.


Survived / enjoyed Top of the Rock – even though it was so windy the 70th floor was closed… and the 67th and 69th perhaps should have been! It was so windy. And freezing.


We look a bit freezing. And windblown.


Monday, for President’s Day, we took the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty, took on the subway, saw The Big Piano at FAO Schwartz and saw Central Park / took a quintessential photo.


Not my best face, but a funny photo, framed by the between-bench-space I always gravitate to on the subway…



Cathleen was a bit more cavalier with her swing, but Matt, you’ll get it.


Like all weekends, it came to an end too soon, but since we’re family, I know we’ll get to do it again. I am quite pleased with how our little apartment has fared with guests so far  – thankfully, no one has come in expecting their own room, etc… but it just feels 20-something and cozy to have your sister and brother-in-law on an air mattress in your living room, measured to fit perfectly between the coffee table and writing desk, waking you up to let you know the coffee pot hasn’t come on yet.

So please, come back and see us.

The Thores and the City

It has been quite some time since my last update – and I have to say, we have been busy! Last time I wrote, my parents were literally en route to meet me at my office, and I think Hewitt and I have been going pretty much nonstop since then!

The summary here if you’re a TLDRer is – we had the best  time and literally packed as much into the weekend as we possibly could.

My mom and I are pretty serious coffee drinkers, and we kicked off our reunion with lattes and Italian cookies, cantuccis (and a Diet Coke for Dad!) from Il Cantuccio – one of my favorite neighborhood spots, and a former haunt of mine before we had a coffee pot, and before I had a job.

Continuing with the theme – we opted for Italian and had Malatesta for dinner, another favorite neighborhood spot! Before dessert, we went walked to Washington Square Park, so we could over-indulge on the dessert I made.

And serving it with ice cream and a little sprinkling of graham cracker crumbs on top – was the right decision.

On Saturday, we met for an early breakfast and took in the World Trade Center Memorial. Again, it’s the kind of thing you just sort of observe and absorb. It isn’t so much a photo-op or destination, it’s a place that’s meant to be felt.

We watched the Heels knock out Virginia Tech (!) at Brother Jimmy’s over some southern-inspired barbecue. The consensus was unanimous – it’s pretty good for New York, but it will never be Lexington Barbecue. Or “#1”, if you will.

Of course we made the quintessential trip to Magnolia Bakery – for cupcakes.

And banana pudding.

Treats were followed by a walk on the Highline… where we discovered this.

David Blaine suspended and having 1 million volts of electric currents pass  through his body over a period of 72 hours in his stunt, “Electrified.

It was loud and kind of bizzare, and with the Ultrabook branding everywhere, it will almost certainly serve as “branded content” that will later surface in a television campaign. Or rather, that’s my guess. Especially since we agreed to appear in photos and videos by donning the paper bracelets required for admission.

My mom and I decided it would be fun to cook together in our little kitchen because while it’s something we both enjoy, we don’t get to share in it together that often. I opted for a few of Hewitt and my favorites – dijon and scallion chicken and roasted broccoli with cracked red pepper. Both delicious and prettyy nutritious.

For dessert, we had Waffles and Dinges – track them at @waffletruck and you won’t be disappointed.

Sunday morning came early and we headed north to Redeemer on the West Side, got lucky enough to hear Tim Keller!, and then commenced a day spent, oddly enough, in Times Square.

Hewitt discovered and put together a table at BB King’s Harlem Gospel Choir and brunch — which we loved. Then we took in the history of espionage at the Discover Museum, somewhat in preparation for the upcoming release of the next Bond film…

We saw Newsies, which was filled with one anthem and crescendo after another. Everyone loves a triumphant story where the kids are the heroes and the good guys win.

For a late dinner we went to John’s of Bleecker Street and then just down the street to Cones for some amazing artisanal ice cream. If you haven’t had been to both of those places, please go.

Before they caught their flight home, and I headed into work, we had time for one last coffee and breakfast…

Even though I tried to keep this post brief, its length is indicative of how much fun we had together and how grateful we are to finally have been able to share our new home with people who are this important to us. Until next time!