Let the Countdown Begin

These crazy kids / my sister and brother-in-law are coming to visit us for the long holiday weekend! Obviously, I’m excited, and you can count on a recap post with lots of photos and hopefully tales of yummy dinners (Minetta Tavern, black label burger, I am coming for you) and treats (Cones, Magnolia, Waffles & Dinges… where to begin).

cat and matt 2

Also, we’re going to see Sleeping Beauty and The Fantasticks. Talk about a weekend. Get ready, guys.



If not for social media, I would miss so many important holidays – namely National Coffee Day, Taco Day, Donut Day… but more legitimately, National Sibling Day.

Although I know little about this holiday or its origins, I’m always up for celebrating the great things in life, and I have two of them – Cathleen and Logan. I have already mentioned my brother because he celebrated a birthday last week, but as a trio, I would say we make a pretty great team.

We moved a lot growing up and certainly had our fair share of inter-sibling teenage drama, but we stuck together through those “formative years” to come out on top as “grown-ups” and great friends.

To Cathleen, for being the beautiful and kind one. The one who showed me how to love and be friends with everyone, full of grace and contagious laughter. Thanks for driving me to school and cheerleading practice and telling me when I’m being 1. dramatic 2. ridiculous or 3. just a bit much. Thank you also for telling me to stay the course and endure whatever was the trial of the day. For the big sister I’ll always have, I am so grateful.

To Logan, who has enough of Cathleen in him to know when to hold his tongue and enough of me in him to forget to do just that, you’re a great not-so-little-anymore brother. For taking chances and not just seeing the world but making it your own. For seeing a need and a wrong and devoting your life to righting it. For being my ocean kayak partner when we somehow ended up paddling against the tide, both directions; you’re the best.

By the grace of God and perhaps an added stroke of luck, I managed to gain not one, but two! new siblings when my sister and I wisely said “yes” to our best friends. To Matt and Hamilton – thanks for humoring me; I know I can be pretty silly. I’m excited for what’s next!

So Happy National Sibling Day, everyone! I know that I am lucky to have so much to celebrate.

On This Day In History

A wonderful little brother was born!

Happiest Birthday, Logan! We wish New York were a smidge closer to your southern slice of heaven so we could celebrate appropriately with you. In celebration of how fantastic you are, I wanted to re-share this gem you created before you took leave of Phnom Penh for a few short days to make it to our wedding.

We’re coming home, coming home… and we’ll celebrate with you in just a few weeks!