A Plum Pudding Party

Last weekend, our friend Kristen threw a Plum Pudding Party. I’m pretty sure it was my first ever plum pudding experience.

Plum pudding is a British tradition with medieval origins. Contrary to its name, it (thankfully) doesn’t have plums in it. Nor does it have the texture of pudding. It is actually steamed for something like seven hours. So our friend and hostess was very gracious and monitored her stove top for something crazy like seven hours pre-party.

When she first unveiled the pudding it looked like this –


And then she ¬†explained the delicious “sauce” to me. Butter and sugar and a splash of vanilla, I believe. (Clearly, my favorite part.)

Tradition is that you pour brandy over the pudding and then light it on fire. Yes, light it on fire.


While the flame burns, everyone sings “We wish you a Merry Christmas!” And it worked! Kristen’s family has done this for many years, but this was her first endeavor as the actual pudding lighter, and it was a success.


Ta da!



Thank you for including us in this new holiday tradition! After all, it felt like we were practically at Downton Abbey…