Glorious Azaleas

Last weekend when we went to NC for a wedding, I was practically stopped in my tracks by a plant I used to take for granted… the azalea bush!

Sure, I saw them on TV during the Masters, but only when I saw them in person did I realize – we definitely don’t have azalea bushes in New York. Not in the village. Not in Central Park (that I have seen)… in general, we don’t have them.

I love the seasonal potted plants and all, and we have some amazing flower shops that I love to look in on, but this azalea…


Winter Weather FAA Furloughs and a Wedding!

Last week I was in Minneapolis for work… and believe it or not, we actually got snowed in. Not forever, but our flight was delayed four + hours due to snow! Check out the photos below of the spring blizzard I managed to drive a rental car through…

photo 2 photo 1


And take off in a plane through…

photo 3

One of the perks to landing at La Guardia around 3:45 am on Friday morning was watching the events in Watertown, MA unfold live over reddit and Twitter. It was pretty crazy.

After a few more weather delays and reddit-following-breaking-news… we made it to NC with enough time to see family quickly – literally at a gas station.

DSC02552 DSC02551

And finally to Raleigh to see Robert and McKinley tie the knot with friends we haven’t seen in a while!



Cheers to the beautiful couple and your perfect wedding.



I hope you’re having a blast on your honeymoon, and thanks for giving us all a reason to come back to the South and celebrate you two. :)