Advertising and Mustard

I work in advertising at a great agency in New York. We aren’t on Madison Ave, but I do like Mad Men. I do not drink at my desk or condone adultery. If you watch the show, I know those are the first questions you would have for me.

But because I work in advertising, you can expect that sometimes I will blog about it.

Case 1 – The Society of Good Taste

Grey Poupon and Crispin Porter + Bogusky have launched a new mass-market campaign – a first for Grey Poupon in a while.  The theme is perfect – “Spread good Taste.” Much of it currently hinges on a Facebook page where fans “apply” for membership, their page is scanned to evaluate tastes, refinery, culture… etc., and they are either welcomed into The Society or not.

As a recent convert to mustard- I now realize I only dislike yellow mustard – I of course thought myself an easy accept. I don’t like the plebian yellow mustard, I much prefer the spicy brown or coarse deli mustard. Of course, Grey Poupon will find my Facebook interactions and honeymoon photos and “hi! phone date soon?” wall posts to be more than enough to realize I have tastes for the finer things in life, including mustard. Furthermore, I have had at least one “conversation” with my dear husband about how Grey Poupon is one thing that simply shouldn’t be replaced by a store brand. (Another point for refinery.) My logic for this is that one Barefoot Contessa claims it is the best ingredient to always have on hand for sauces and vinaigrettes. So I believe her, and I buy the real thing.

All of this build up is to admit that I was not in fact admitted to The Society. I was deemed normal. The feedback from The Society was actually, “Try perusing a good book!” (Ha.) So while my enthusiasm has diminished in light of my rejection; I have created a self-serving rationale for my exclusion. I simply don’t detail all the fabulous books I’ve read, food I’ve sampled and places I’ve seen on Facebook. I know it’s silly, but this way, I can still like the campaign and maintain that I am somewhat well read and cultured. (Much more to come on books, by the way.)

The feel of the campaign is great – it makes me think of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and Graham Memorial building at Carolina for some reason. The copy is witty and endearing and it all feels warm, anglophilic and like tufted club chairs in an oak paneled room. Certainly, this is the intention. Next time I think of reading a book by a roaring fire in a cozy chair, I’ll envision a jar of Grey Poupon on the end table.

I’ll let you know if I apply again for membership.