School Supplies

It’s funny, how after a long summer, the one thing that could get me ready to to go back to school… was school supply shopping. There’s just something to be said for clean notebook, with fresh, crisp, white pages that inspiring you. Or it was inspiring to me.

To the same end, sometimes you need time away (read: time when you just don’t feel that inspired to blog) and you come back with fresh pencils and a clean notebook (see: new snazzy header font), and you want to start again.

It isn’t an overhaul or anything crazy, it’s just another clean notebook that you’ll hang on to, after the class is over, until you rediscover it years from now and wonder why you still have it. Except that you’ll remember, flipping through the pages, the little bit of life you shared with the notebook, and you’ll be glad that you kept it.