Spicy Baked Chick Peas (for everyone else)

I don’t actually like chickpeas. Or hummus. Or anything that is really very mushy, but Hewitt (and most of the world) loves chickpeas and hummus, so I decided to make roasted chickpeas for him. I wanted an excuse to try this recipe.

I found the recipe on the Food Network and with little knowledge of what makes chickpea goodness, selected it because it was spicy. I followed it to a T, basically. I added a generous shake or five of cayenne pepper and another five shakes of chili powder.


And I baked them for 30 minutes, “let them rest” for 15 minutes and baked them for another 20 minutes, and then they were actually crunchy.


Hewitt claims they were good! You should try them because from what I’ve read they’re a healthy and filling snack. :)

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