The City That Never Sleeps


That’s what they say about New York – it’s the city that never sleeps. This is definitely true – there is always a restaurant or drugstore or food truck open, always something to do, see or take part in or a 10:00 dinner reservation to make. But I have found that we’re more a city that sleeps… late.

In Charlotte, if you wanted to catch the neighborhood still sleepy and just waking up, your morning run had to be at 6:00 am at the latest. Otherwise, by 8, you’re running way late for work, all the papers have been retrieved from the driveway and the day has long begun.

One thing I love about life here is the delayed start and end. I am not a morning person, nor have I ever been, and staying up later and starting the day later is a great fit. Here, if you’re up by nine on a Saturday or Sunday morning, the street is yours. The neighborhood is sleeping and the line at your favorite coffee shop is nil. By 11:30, you’ll have an hour wait for brunch… but I can handle having to be somewhere by 11.

So here’s to the city that rarely sleeps, but when she does, she sleeps in.


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