Lights On

To say it has been quite a week is a bit of an understatement, but we weathered Sandy here in lower Manhattan and the lights are finally, finally back on. Although we lost power for many days and a decent amount of food, we made it and were more fortunate than many of our neighbors.

We were blessed with great friends who did have power, and we shared many a meal and phone charging session in their apartment. One of my favorite meals was the night we had breakfast for dinner.

And the boys did the dishes. :)

On Tuesday, before we know how long lower Manhattan’s lights would be off, I snapped this photo from Hewitt’s office in Midtown. (I was there because they had power… a version of take your wife to work day, or something.)

The sun came up for us after all, and now we’re putting ourselves back together. Take that, Sandy.

2 thoughts on “Lights On

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